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Fascinated with the explosion of digital series, veteran TV, film and theatre actor Susan Jeffries met with Make Your Show for a consultation.  After learning more about the exposure and unique experience that digital series offer, Susan wanted to move forward as the star and Executive Producer of a series that would feature her talent.

Sylvie Story Meeting Photo.JPG

During the course of 6-8 months, Make Your Show scripted "Searching for Sylvie", an 11-episode comedy series. 

Susan was an integral part of the creation of the show, offering suggestions, insight and recommending actors she'd like to work with.

Make Your Show's John Cramer and Jason Cicci worked closely with Susan about every aspect of her series.  With actors lined up from Make Your Show's roster and Susan's manager, a full day of casting yielded a first-rate and experienced cast that compliment Susan perfectly in her series.

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Location Scouting with Susan.jpeg

As Executive Producer and showrunner of "Searching for Sylvie", Susan was not only involved in the casting process but also choosing locations, wardrobe, graphics and music selection.

She also offered notes on editing, web site creation and customizing her series' YouTube channel.

Shot in eight days and in multiple locations, "Searching for Sylvie" debuted in June, 2020 and has thousands of views.

Make Your Show created a trailer for "Searching for Sylvie", created a web site, video assets and populated social media profiles.


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