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Actor/comedian Vincent Ford was frustrated with the lack of quality roles he had been offered in TV and film.  Although he had had accrued some screen time, he wanted to experience the challenge of playing the protagonist of a story and show off the best parts of his marketable personality.

Meetings with Vincent established his budget and the type of show he wanted to star in.  As his pilot/short was written, we created a fundraising script that we shot for Vincent's online campaign.

With our assistance, Vincent ran a successful campaign, making more than his goal.

Vincent was offered a roster of actors from Make Your Show's files.  After selecting the actors he wanted to see for various roles, a casting call was organized, actors were recorded and, with John and Jason's assistance, Vincent chose the cast for "In With Vinny".

John, Jason and Vincent.jpeg

Shot in two days and in 4 locations, "In With Vinny" was then edited, sound and color mixed with Vincent's input.

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Make Your Show created a trailer for "In With Vinny".  It can be used for film festivals, competitions and networking.


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