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5 Reasons You Won't Make Your Show (And How To Avoid Them)

Do you want to make your own show in 2023?

We’re rooting for you!

We believe that creating their own work is one of the most empowering and educational moves an actor (or writer, or director, or etc.) can make.

But we also have some BAD NEWS - we can give you 5 REASONS YOU WON’T MAKE YOUR SHOW.

Don't worry, we also have GOOD NEWS for you - we can tell you how to avoid them!

REASON 1 - You Don’t Have Enough TIME

SOLUTIONS - Prioritize (Eisenhower Matrix), Make Time (schedule creative work first), Create Habits, Find Accountability Partners - check out THIS BLOG for more information

REASON 2 - You Don’t Know How to Come Up with IDEAS

SOLUTION - Always Be Looking (capture ideas in a notebook/notes app), Always Be Consuming (art, stories, nature), Meditation, Journaling, Start with Titles - check out THIS BLOG for more information


SOLUTIONS - Ask For Help/Favors, Join with Others, Write to Your Resources (artistic limits encourage creativity - Eno Oblique Strategies), Crowdfunding (we know, nobody likes it, but it can be VERY effective)

REASON 4 - FEAR it Won’t be Good Enough

SOLUTIONS - Something is Better Than Nothing (Check out Ira Glass Taste Gap), Allow Yourself to Play, Take Small Steps, Focus on the PROCESS, Not RESULT - check out THIS BLOG for more information


SOLUTIONS - Hire the Pros, Learn from Friends (shadowing, etc.), Online Tutorials, Ask For Help

If you want this blog in a free, condensed PDF version of the 5 Reasons Why You Won't Make Your Show and Solutions, sign up for our newsletter and ALSO get free tips and resources to help you make your show in 2023!

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