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Actors - How to Get Started Making Your Own Material

Updated: May 4, 2020

So you’re an actor, and you’ve decided you do want to make your own work. Good for you!

Your first step? Develop the script.

Ok, back it up a sec. Although the script is the first necessary ingredient for your project, you may not be a writer or want to be the writer. Not a problem. There are plenty of writers out there who would love to work with you.

Why? Just like actors want to act, writers want to write.

So the first step may actually be finding yourself a writer. Where, though?

- Got any film schools nearby?

- You could ask friends - maybe they’d write it for you or know someone who would.

- Mandy - dot com. Search “screenwriter”.

- Film festivals - you’re going to those already, right?

- Screenings - see above.

- Find films you like online - Vimeo. Dot com.

Some writers you meet could also be directors - could be a 2 for 1 deal right there.

Ok, back to developing the script. Remember, this is your project, and the goal is to showcase your talents as an actor.

Now you have a writer, you’re not off the hook - you need to make sure this story will nail your actor wheelhouse. You’re a producer, and producers bring together the necessary elements and guide the process. Invite the writers you’ve found to meet. You can see if the two of you click and whether they’d be willing to write a script tailored to you. But that’s the subject of another post!

writers meeting
Want to create your own work? Start by finding your group. Start by finding a writer.

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